Panicked/Scared Crowds and Background Extras

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I just saw the email about your new collection of people walking, sitting and talking. Great idea! I think what may be appealing to a lot of people would be to have similar assets like you have with the people but maybe have them in a paniced senario. I for one have always wanted to create scenes with crowds of people running away from something terrified or worried about something that is coming and they are backing away. I know people are using software to create large crowds but I think stock footage of indiviudal people like you have would be great but to have them running, looking back over the shoulder. Maybe bumping into someone. Someone falling over, getting up and running again. Think alien invasion people looking up in wonder. Backing up slowly afraid of something, those kind of things. Imagine having a shot of someone by themselves (as many of us do with the lack of extras) fearful over something but being able to add in some backgroud people also afraid of something.

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Comments: 4

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