Green Screen Footage of Stuntman Performing Gunshot Hits

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Greenscreen footage of stuntmen dressed as: Police Officer (with shades), SWAT Team member (with balaclava), and Gangster (shades, black suit and tie) performing athletic guntshot hit stunt falls to be used in indie films. This would be great for Indie filmmakers so they don't have to hire stuntman and deal with safety issues.

Footage can be shot from low angle, high angle, wide shot, mid shot, side on and close up.

Here's one example of a bullet hit (which could be a lot better):

A guy on youtube provides some good examples of bullet hit stunts:

Air rams could also be used for more entertaining and exaggerated FX:

Under consideration Suggested by: Sam Upvoted: 13 Jun, '22 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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