Vehicle Peel Out - Tire dust/snow/water splash

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Something I know I've struggled with along with many others is simulating the way water splashes and parts around the front of the boat when a boat drives through, as well as if a car is driving over dirt or a freshly rained on road- the dirt or water that flies up in the tire area. Specifically if you have a static shot of such a vehicle you want to create with a 3D model or on green screen and have the camera follow with the vehicle. Like many of the assets on actionvfx, it's something that could be offered from multiple angles and have options for different velocities (fast car dirt fly up, slow boat with a more gentle disturbance to the water, etc). Since the idea is focused on the disturbance to the environment around the tires/boat for static shots, it's something a little more specific than the variations of the dust wave and water splashes already offered.

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Comments: 3

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